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I have been building upright frames for 28 years and started building trikes a few years ago from Greenspeed tubing kits and I now build them complete. I still use the basic design so Greenspeed parts will interchange. Seats are fixed with an adjustable boom. Steering and parts are interchangable with Greenspeed. The advantage is cost, delivery time and I custom build each trike.

I sell "framesets" and complete trikes. Framesets are everything except the standard bicycle parts. All types of drives are available.

Types I build: All types can have any seat angle you prefer and seats are shaped to fit your body dimensions. Each can be customized to suit you needs and desires.


  • Racer-think - I build these as light as can be done. sub 30#,19x16 wheels
  • Sport Racer - a slightly heavier version of the racer in 20x20 wheel set up
  • Sport Touring - higher seating , longer and wider tracked than the Racer, more ground clearance. General recreational, commuting,light touring
  • Touring - heavier built, designed for serious touring
  • Expedition - built with good clearance, designed for distance self contained touring, heavy loads.


  • Standard Tandem - a GTT. splits into two sections
  • Expedition Tandem - heavier built than the Tandem, daul pannier capacity, self contained touring for two.

Below are some general specs and pricing. What type of trike are you looking for? Are you interested in a frameset or a complete trike? Do you ride 'bents now?  What have you ridden and how did you like them?

Thanks for taking the time to look at the website and your interest in TET Trikes. Please let me know any questions or comments you may have.

Thanks, Tom

Contact, mailing,shipping
 TET/ Tom Teesdale
403 S Maple
West Branch. IA 52358
voice 319-643-2073


TET Trikes

Framesets-( includes everything but the standard bike components)

Singles - $1400
frame,boom, seat cover, handlebars, steering linkage,kingpins ,chainpulley,powdercoating.  all other components needed are standard bicycle components.

  • 1"od "T" on top of frt der mast for light/monitor mounts
  • three h2o's-one under seat on main tube, two on boom socket in frt of cross arm-one above and one below
  • flag mount on top of seat rail (r.h. for Eng, l.h. for american)
  • threaded mounts on top of both seat rails for lights/ect.
  • rack loop and rear fender/rack mounts
  • stops and fiitngs for rear der and Sram internal
  • Seat rails/boom length set by body measurements.

Racer & SportRacer - similar to the glr,700mm track

Sport Touring & Touring - longer, heavier build for general riding and moderate touring 800mm track

Expedition - build to take the loads and the miles, 800 mm track

Tandems - $2500 frameset
Tandem-splits behind the captain into two sections. multiple h2o's, Both captain and stoker seat rails custom fitted to the riders. 2" x.065" main tube, 900mm track

Expedition Tandem - $2600 frameset
Tandem-splits behind the captain into two sections. multiple h2o's, Both captain and stoker seat rails custom fitted to the riders. 2 1/2" x.065" main tube, 900mm track, dual pannier set up.

Complete component packages available starting a $650. Sram internal, DaVinci drives(for tandem), Rohloff internals, and Schlumph cranksets are available.

On the order form you get to give me body measurements, prefered seat angle, type of trike, ect. You can print it out and send it via usps, you can print it out, fill it in and then scan it back in, or(probably simpler) tye the info into an e-mail.

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Tom Teesdale / T.E.T. Cycles - 403 S. Maple - West Branch, IA 52358
Voice 319-643-2073
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